Plein  Air  Hooking  Artists

Rug hooking technique, outdoor inspiration


Laura grew up with rugs made by her mother, Emma Webber, and has a broad appreciation for the Art and Folk Art of Rug Making.  Hooking since 1996 and teaching since 2003, Laura has hooked over 150 rugs of various styles and sizes.  Her background in drafting, photography and painting come together in rug design and colour planning.

A long time fan of Impressionistic Painters and the Plein Aire style, Laura is happy to be trying her hand at this spontaneous hooking.  She looks forward to honing her skill to see a hookable scene, study it, remember it and get it down in wool!  Every journey presents some new nugget; Laura is open to the lessons of Plein Aire Hooking.

Copyright 2017

“Backyard Spider Web”

“Birch Tree”

“Crepe Myrtle”