Plein  Air  Hooking  Artists

Rug hooking technique, outdoor inspiration



Karen Miller’s fibre art is primarily made by hooking wool and using embroidery, sewing, sculpture,dyeing, custom framing and alternative materials and techniques to accentuate her designs.  Karen is self-taught and has been exhibiting and selling her original handmade pieces since 2008.

Karen’s images have won several awards, been featured in a variety of publications and been exhibited in shows across Canada and in the United States.

Karen’s chief inspirations are natural beauty, especially in unconventional forms, and unexpected strength in people.  Her early work portrayed the rugged features and earthy tones of the North Atlantic coastlines of Canada and Iceland.  Her later work uses abstraction and colour modification to highlight structures and patterns that are often hidden in plain view or underfoot. Recently, Karen has followed this latter theme to capture the similarly ‘hidden’ strength that she sees in her own circle of family and friends.

Plein air hooking is a means bywhich she can continue to challenge herself as an artist as well as continue to hone her skill of interpreting the nature that she sees around her.

Karen Miller lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario.

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“Kadyn’s Seashell”

“House on the Point”