Plein  Air  Hooking  Artists

Rug hooking technique, outdoor inspiration

Both professional and serious rug hooking artists are encouraged to join our group. There is no membership fee.

Members must adhere to the following:

–works must be hooked on location outdoors or be larger studio works using studies hooked or sketched outdoors as inspiration, photos may be used for studio works as reference (not to copy) but not for outdoor work

–during extreme winter weather work may be hooked looking out a window or from outdoor sketches which note color, weather and lighting (field studies)

–each artist shall send photos of their work to when available to be put up on site. Work should be well photographed (plain background or cropped). Photos should be at least 800 pixels on long side of work and be 72dpi.

–photos of artists working outdoors are encouraged.

–artists will supply a short bio to be placed on the site. This may be edited with final approval by the artist.

–send websites or blog addresses to be added to bio if available

– at least one work must be submitted before membership will be activated on site and if more than 1 year goes by with no work submitted artist page may be removed

–enjoy and have fun!

Please send bio, website address, blog address and photos of plein air work to:  (website and blog are only if available, not a requirement)

Please contact if interested in joining.

Work by Susan Feller

Copyright 2017