Plein  Air  Hooking  Artists

Rug hooking technique, outdoor inspiration


The mediums of rughooking or using needle and threads to stitch are slow and repetitive.  How can I interpret a moment in nature taking an hour to create my impression?  Create small sketches, simplify the composition, remember value will define shapes are in my prep work schedule.

I am approaching working " outdoors" as an exercise in seeing.  Each design is restricted to a 5 inch square.  Drawn in pencil in a journal, reviewed and redrawn to backing, preselecting fabrics, sitting and creating near the original subject, then photographing.  The goal is for these to be done daily throughout the year leading up to my 60th birthday.

Already I see inspiration for larger pieces,  can not wait to see this 'body of work'.

South Woods


Blackberry Leaves in Fall

Cherry Tomatoes

Shadows on a Railing

Copyright 2017

Forest Line

Bird’s View

E.E. Cummings from Mrs. Bowen’s English Class


Tree Shadows

Oak Stand

Holly Square

Paw Paw Leaves